Grading Rubric (15 points total)

1.  The site will include a heading, personal photo, and a background.  (5 points)  

  • A heading that includes a title with your name, teaching assignment, or grade level. 
  • A personal photo.  A personal photo does not have to be a photo of yourself.  This may include a pet, a class mascot, your favorite vacation spot, etc.    
    • On "Contact" page.
  • A background with color and or graphics.  A white background color is ok.  Graphics may include clip art, moving images, etc. 

2.  The site will include links or uploaded documents to three course assignments: (5 points).

3.  The site will include five helpful links (in addition to the three links from item 2 above) for your students such as homework assignments, educational web sites, school calendars, lunch menus, etc.  (5 points) The page links must 'work', which means they link to the appropriate web page.  The page must be easy to navigate, and the links should be easy to recognize or find.  

UCLA Course Assignment

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