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Thank you for visiting my website.  I am a Foreign English Teacher from the USA teaching in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  I graduated from the University of Southern California (USA) with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.  I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Claremont McKenna College (USA).


I am very excited to be teaching the International English Curriculum to Grades Five and Six at Fengshan Elementary School this year.  My goal is to help develop my students' confidence and interest in learning English by teaching English in a fun and interactive way.  The focus in all of my classes is on speaking and group work, so students will have opportunities to role play, participate in pair work and group work activities, work on projects, learn English songs, play games, and more.

Students, if you need any help, please let me know.  I am here to teach and support you.

Let's have a great year!